Avalonia Estate Private Virtual World

How To Use Avalonia Estate Voice Chat

Avalonia Estate uses TeamSpeak3™  for voice chat communication.  To find out how to set this up, read on.  To find out why Avalonia Estate does not use Vivox™ in world voice, click here.

1. Download TeamSpeak3 Client

To use Avalonia Estate voice chat, you will first need to download the TeamSpeak3 voice chat client, this is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems.  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE TEAMSPEAK3 CLIENT.  A new page will open and take you to the TeamSpeak web site, click on the large green “FREE DOWNLOAD” button, to download the chat client, the web site will automatically detect your operating system, and provide you with the correct client version for your operating system.

Advanced Users - If you would prefer to select the client manually, and choose from a list, then click here instead.

2. Install and Setup TeamSpeak3 Client

Install the TeamSpeak3 Chat Client from wherever you saved the download.  This should be reasonably straight forward, however if you are having problems, click this link to watch a Youtube video which shows a complete installation and setup walk through.

3. Connect To The Avalonia Estate TeamSpeak Voice Server

Once you have installed and followed the setup wizard, you are ready to connect to the Avalonia Estate TeamSpeak Voice Server, for this you will need the server address details and the server password.

Avalonia Estate TeamSpeak voice Server Address URL -  


The Avalonia Estate Voice Server is only available to Avalonia Estate account holders, and renters of region rental products and their guests.  The voice server password will be provided to authorised users.

Once you have the password, click on “Connect” in the top left corner of the TeamSpeak Client and enter the server address, and the password.  Enter a nick name, for convenience this should be your avatar name so it is easier to recognise you.

Once downloaded and installed, Click Here to watch a video about how to use the TeamSpeak3 Voice Client.